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Needs a headline

AdventureSmart can help you engage your customers with the information they need to enjoy the outdoors safely.  AdventureSmart is here to help you keep your customers safe and comfortable in the outdoors, so they return to regale their friends with wonderful stories of their great adventures.

  • AdventureSmart is a campaign that is delivered by the many partner organisations to provide all the essential information needed for people to get outdoors, confident that they have prepared for a great day.
  • AdventureSmart messages are developed by experts from leading safety and sporting organisations

Thousands of people set off for an adventure in the great outdoors every day. Some choose strenuous sports such as rock climbing or coasteering, others take a less extreme approach such as walking, cycling or simply playing on the beach with the family. The majority will have a fantastic time and will take home treasured memories; for a few their day will be marred by discomfort, brushes with danger or accidents and some will have to be helped by rescue and emergency services.  Many of these incidents could have been easily avoided; with a little preparation, everyone can help to ensure that their adventure is a treasured memory, not a nightmare.

We have created this toolkit to make it easy for you to help promote the Adventure Smart messages to your customers.  We have provided a suite of resources and ideas ready for you to use, so please read on, get busy and let’s get people out enjoying our coast and countryside!

By working with AdventureSmart you are supporting our Mountain Rescue teams, by working together we can reduce the number of avoidable incidents that the rescue and emergency services deal with each year.


Make your good day better

AdventureSmart provides a narrative to guide conversations about safety.

By promoting the AdventureSmart messages you can be sure that you are providing agreed, good practice, based on the latest behavioural science.

Working with the ASUK messages

If your customers are aware of the importance of being prepared for their outdoor adventures prior to their visit, the more likely they are to set off kitted up and in the know to stay safe. From the start, when people start to think about and research their activity, through their booking process and repeatedly through their visit we want people to keep coming across AdventureSmart messages. Your connections with your customers play an important part in this communication.
It’s not about scaring people or giving instructions, it’s about gently reminding people that there are simple things they can do to ensure that they have a more enjoyable (and safer) day.

The best starting point for communications around outdoor safety is the AdventureSmart 3 questions;

Ask yourself 3 questions before you set off:

– Do I have the right GEAR?

– Do I know what the WEATHER will be like?

– Am I confident I have the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS for the day?

These questions are a useful reminder for even the most experienced. AdventureSmart is a one-stop shop providing comprehensive answers to these questions. AdventureSmart messages cover a wide range of outdoor activities; follow the links below to find out more:

Making your customer’s good day better

Being adventure smart isn’t just about staying safe, it’s about enjoying a day’s walking without getting cold, wet and scared, or setting out on the water knowing you have the knowledge and skills to embrace the conditions. By being clever in how you provide safety information you can increase the chance of your customers having a really enjoyable visit and heading home eager to return. It’s not about lecturing or providing a list of do’s and don’ts, it’s about simply providing some gentle prompts to nudge people to consider their safety.

Make safety messaging part of your regular communications with your guests/customers


Where – Think about your touch points with your guests and the opportunities they offer

• Marketing & promotional materials
• Arrival – reception & public areas
• Socials, blogs, vlogs, newsletters
• In-room information
• Booking forms & payment confirmation
• Menus
• Pre-arrival mailings
• Conversations with staff


How & When – Consider how and when you might be able to encourage your guests to think about safety when planning their day.

  • Hospitality – booking, arrival, check-in, in-room information, TV screens in bedrooms
  • Marketing – newsletters, vlogs and blogs
  • Retail – purchase of goods, add a leaflet into the bags, put a website link on the bottom of your receipts, or display the AdventureSmart QR code at your point of sale

We’ve put some more ideas together to get you started: