Follow government guidelines
Guidelines for England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland differ.
Check government websites for your home address and for the area you are visiting & comply with them.

Know your limits
Stick to activities and locations which are within your comfort zone.

Plan your day
Ask yourself 3 questions before you set off:

  • Do I know what the weather will be like?
  • Do I have the right gear?
  • Do I have the knowledge & skills for the day?

Emergency services are under increased pressure at this time & responding to emergencies puts teams at risk. has the info you need to help you have fun & stay safe.

Protect local communities
Be prepared to find some car parks, toilets, shops & other local amenities closed.
Plan your trip well & respect local residents.

Keep your distance
If it looks busy it’s too busy, be prepared to change your plans & find somewhere less crowded.
Stay 2 m away from others at all times, sanitise your hands frequently & avoid touching gates, stiles etc.