Be AdventureSmart

Ask yourself 3 questions before you set off:

Do I have the right GEAR?

Do I know what the WEATHER will be like?

Am I confident I have the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS for the day?

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Ask yourself 3 questions before you set off:

Do I have the right GEAR?

Do I know what the WEATHER will be like?

Am I confident I have the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS for the day?

3 questions to ask yourself before you set off

If you score 3/3 on these questions, off you go, have a fantastic day! If not, read on to find the answers you need to be kitted up and in the know to be safe!

Do I have the right gear?

If that has prompted you to ask ‘what is the right gear?’ then you need help! Kit doesn’t need to be expensive but does need to keep you warm and dry and, in the case of boots, needs to fit well; there is nothing like a blister to ruin a good day’s walking! If your adventure involves heading out on the water then a well fitted and well-maintained buoyancy aid is essential. Read more…

Do I know what the weather will be like?

As we are all used to in the UK, the weather has the potential to make or spoil your day. This doesn’t have to mean that a spot of drizzle or even a howling gale has to stop us in our tracks. Like a good Scout, being prepared and adapting your plans is the key to being in control of your day. Check the weather forecast – the Met Office is a good place to start. PS Remember that most unusual occurrence of a cloudless sky can also cause problems (take care to avoid heat stroke!). Read more…

Am I confident I have the knowledge & skills for the day?

Adventure allows us to step outside our immediate comfort zone and is a great way to repeatedly rediscover a zest for life. Being AdventureSmart simply means that you are thinking about your own experience and skills. Choosing an adventure that you know that is within your skillset is part of the fun – and if you want to do something that pushes beyond this, there are many ways to find a guide or instructor to help you. Read more…



When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen. — AA Milne



There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. — Alfred Wainwright



The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. — Socrates

are you heading to…


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About Lake District Cumbria

Cumbria is a gem of a place to visit, with a long coastline bounded by the Irish Sea and Britains largest National Park, the Lake District, at its mountainous centre. There are breathtaking lakes, soaring mountains – known locally as ‘fells’, picturesque valleys and even sandy coastline.  There are a wide range of activities and things to do in the Lake District, and with more than 3,100 kilometres of rights of way, you can walk, cycle and ride around our countryside to your heart’s content.

Read on to find out more about staying safe during your visit


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About Wales

Wales is renowned for its rugged coastline, mountains, three distinctive National Parks, Welsh language and Celtic culture.  Family friendly beaches, wild rocky coastlines, rivers and valleys, rolling hills and soaring mountain summits; Wales is a land of great contrasts. 

Read on to find out more about staying safe during your visit.


We need your help to encourage your customers to enjoy the great outdoors safely. Help us spread the word!

Together we can promote clear safety messages, which will encourage and enable people to be AdventureSmart. We have created this toolkit to make it easy for you to help promote the AdventureSmart messages to your customers.  This toolkit provides a suite of resources and ideas ready for you to use, so please read on, get busy and let’s get people out enjoying our coast and countryside!

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Be AdventureSmart, be inspired!

These films demonstrate how to plan for a great day, we hope they will inspire you to get out and enjoy our great outdoors. Our partner organisations/businesses will be using these films alongside our AdventureSmart messages on their social media channels showing that you can have a better day if you are AdventureSmart!

Go outside and have an adventure! Be AdventureSmart to make your adventure as safe as you can and… have fun!

Being in the outdoors and challenging yourself, even in small ways, is good for your soul. We surround ourselves with passive experiences so feeling the fresh air and doing something physical can really boost how positive you feel about life. Your adventure does not have to include the summit of Everest or the middle of the Atlantic – it just needs to be something that lifts your attention away from your phone and allows you to see, hear or feel the natural world around you. Just remember to be AdventureSmart and make your good day better!

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