Toolkit – Messages

Using the AdventureSmart messages in your materials

There are many ways you can incorporate the Adventure Smart messages in the information you provide for your customers already. By adding these messages you can help your customers have an even better time in the great outdoors, ensuring awesome experiences and stories to be told.

We’ve put together a few suggestions to get you started!

1. Use Adventure Smart messages in your social media posts

Do you find yourself wondering what your social media topic of the day should be?  Our key messages might just help you along. 

For example, it’s not long in the UK before the conversation turns to the weather! If the forecast for the weekend looks great and you are offering a special weekend deal, then you might tweet;

Seen the forecast? Pack your suncream and walking boots and head to the hills this weekend! We’re offering a warm welcome and magnificent countryside in our last minute offer! #beadventuresmart #whatsinyourbag www.anyb&bintheUK.com


Do you fancy exploring our wonderful coastline from the sea – then sea kayaking is for you! Stay with us this weekend and let the experts @anoutdooractivitybus show you the way #BeAdventureSmart

We’ve put a whole suite of messages together for you to use, so whether your social media channel of choice is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, take a look and get posting!

Don’t forget to use our hashtags where appropriate:




2. Add Adventure Smart messages to your website

If you mention outdoor activities on your website or if you write a blog about things to do when you visit your region of the UK then don’t forget to add some Adventure Smart messages.  For example, if you talk about the great walking to be had along your area, then you could add;

Be Adventure Smart: Plan for a great day

Keep your energy levels up

Carry food and drink

If the sun shines on your adventure…

Apply sunscreen and wear a sun hat

Make sure your mobile is charged...

but don’t rely on it for navigation and communication!

3. Use Adventure Smart messages during your customer’s planning stages

We want visitors to come across our Adventure Smart messages repeatedly when researching, planning and booking their trip.  As a business you play a vital role in this.

You could add a key message on your organisation website or in a confirmation email, such as;

Let the experts show you the way

If you are doing something new or going somewhere new, why not go with a qualified guide/instructor or sign up for some training (www.visitwales.com/activity-search/)

Or if you offer facilities for mountain bikers such as bike storage then you might add the following;

The right gear's a good idea

A fall might break your day – a good helmet and protective clothing might make yourself your day

Or you could add a link to our suggestions for core kit and optional extras to keep you safe and comfortable in your ‘Things to do in the area’.

Hill walking
Mountain Biking


4. Share messages on arrival

Messages can be repeated on arrival, when checking in, or in the local information booklet in a cottage, or at the local cafe on the breakfast menu as a last minute reminder before heading out for the day.

You could add:

Plan for a great day

Keep in touch – make sure you carry an appropriate means of calling for help should you need to

5. Print posters for your accommodation, attraction or food outlet

We’ve created these posters [links] for you to print and put up in your business, add to your website or to post on your social media channels. They feature great images to inspire people to get outdoors, with subtle messages to help make sure they have a safe and enjoyable day.

Brand Guidelines

The AdventureSmart Brand Guidelines PDF contains information about how the logo should be used and includes print ready vector artwork. If you need graphics for websites please use our web banners.