Why offshore winds are important & how to spot them

Heading into or onto the water? An offshore wind can blow you into trouble, driving you away from the shore and preventing you from returning.

Do the 2-step wind check before you head out…

1.  Stand on the shore and feel the wind

Close your eyes and turn your face until you think the wind is blowing straight at you. Rotate your head back and forth slightly until you sense the wind is blowing equally hard across each side of your face.

2.  Open your eyes

– If you see mainly land in front of you, then the wind is likely to blow you away from the shoreline and make it very difficult to return to the shore (an offshore wind) – Red light, do not enter the water!

– If are looking directly along the shoreline with both land and water in view, then the wind is likely to blow you along the shoreline and away from where you get in (a cross-shore wind) – Amber light, proceed with caution!

– If you see mainly water in front of you, then the wind should blow you back to the shoreline (an onshore wind) – Green light, you should be good to go!